When all you need is food (no service staff), we offer casual catering with your business and home in mind. Time sensitive delivery, delicious food, and professional set up allow you to serve your guests with ease.

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(choose one)

1. Canape de Frango - Chicken "finger food" (Mini pizza braz. style).

2. Canape de presunto - Ham "finger food" ( Mini pizza braz. style) .

3. kibe - Ground beef seasoned and fried (dip fried meat balls) .

4. Pao de queijo - Cheese rolls .

5. Barquete de frango - little chicken pot pie (filled shells).

6. Barquete de camarao - little shrimp pot pie (filled shells) .

7. Caldo de carne - Beef soup

8. Caldo de feijao - BLACK Beans soup .

9. Bobo de camarao - Shrimp rich Brazilian house soup sub yucca potato base .

10. Bobo de Frango - Chicken rich Brazilian house soup with yucca potato base.

11.salgados ( app. Pastry)



                   Paezinhos de cebola

                  Pastelziho assado

                  Pastel rissolli

                  Roletes de salsicha


(choose one)

1. Garden.

2. Ceasar .

3. Coleslaw-House style.

4. Salada de feijao preto - Salad with

black beans, great exotic touch.

5. Vinagrete de Tomate - Onions, tomatos and peppers on a peftect vinagret dressing.

6. Vinagrete de abacaxi - Tropical salad with Pinapple(pineapple salsa).

7. Salada de batata - Potato salad.

8. Salada de macarrao com Atum - Pasta Salad with Tuna fish.

9. Salpicao.Special brazilian style chicken salad made with roasted chicken breast, raisins, carrots, apples(opcional), cheese,fresh corn,peas,carrots, fresh cilantro and chives ,finished with creamy mayonnaise sauce topped with potato chips     


(choose one)

1. Feijao tropeiro - Tipical Mixed Brazilian Beans.

2. Farofa de peito de frango com abacaxi - Brazilian mixed with Chicken breast with pinapple.

3. Arroz branco, azeite e alho - White rice on Olive oil and garlic.

4. Arroz com camarao e vegetais - Rice with shrimp and Fresh Veggies.

5. Molho branco com milho verde - white sauce with fresh corn.

6. Pure de Batata - Smashed Potato.

7. Feijao verde- (green beans) steamed and seasoned with our veggies seaning and virgin olive oil and almonds.

Pratos Principais

(choose two)

1. Pasta Alfredo de camarao - Pasta Alfredo with Shrimp and pepper sticks.

2. Pasta Afredo de frango e brocolis - Pasta Alfredo with chicken and brocoli.

3. Lombo de porco ao alho e oleo - Pork tender loin on Olive oil and garlic.

4. Frango desossado e recheado - whole

chicken bird debonned stuffed and slow oven cooked.

5. Medalhao de boi - Steak roasted cooked to perfection, stuffed with bacon,sauseges and vegies.(served as spiral).

6. filet de peito de frango enrolada com bacon - Boneless chicken breast wraped on bacon and slow oven cooked.

7. Peito de frango ao forno com queijo e bacon - chicked breast cooked topped with bacon and cheese.

8. Peito de frango xadrez - Cubes cut of chicken breast sauteed with pepper and


9. Moqueca baiana com camarao e scallops - white fish panned cooked with special oils, peppers, onions, condiments,shrimp and scallops.

10. Bacalhau ao creme rose - Cod fish filet cooked on creamy pink souce.

11. Feijoada mineira - Beans with chunks of pork,beef,bacon,sausages.

12. Alcatra ao molho madeira - Tender botton beef cooked on it's own juice,red wine sauce.


(choose one) 

1. Bolo de banana - Banana bread

2. Mousse de maracuja - Passion fruit mousse.

3. Cocada baiana de leite condensado - Condensad milk and coconut home made candie.

4. Palha italiana - Condensed milk and cookies dough candie.

5. Trufas de chocolate com recheio de frutas frescas - Homemade chocolate trufles filled with real fruits,ganachos.

6. Pe-de-moleque - Roasted peantus, condensad milk candies.

7. Mingau de milho verde - Fresh corn pudim.

8. Salada de fruta tropical - Tropical fruit salad.

9. Doce de frutas cristalizadas -sugar Cristalized fruit candies.

10. Canjicao de milho com coco e amendoim -The wanderfull sweet white corn pudim with roasted peantus and coconut.

11.Canapes doces -mini tarts filled with homemade fruit pure.

12.Bolo De Abacaxi Gelado.Pineapple & coconut cake finished with a delicious light sugar whipped cream frost.

13.Torta De Morangos Com Chantlli -Strawberries pure and whipped cream pie.